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. :cairo at night: .

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.:Kaherah At Night:.

the river nile
at night

Giza Night Life

This photo was taken from me balcony. At night, the city of Giza and as all Egyptian cities burst into life. Egyptians are noctunal creatures. The afternoon nowadays can reach up to 46 degrees Celcius and hence the noctunal behaviour. Hahaha. Gotta love them, they know how to have a party. 

Reflections on the Nile
at night

Now this is cool. I love me zoom on this camera! It's the reflections of the lights from the floating restaurants.

Cairo University
at night

the river nile
at night

The river Nile's night life
Again this is taken from me balcony. It's very noice. All those lights along the river nile, kinda reminds me of fireflies. But they are floating restaurants. At night, it's the only time you could actually be aware they are floating restaurants alogn the Nile. In the afternoon you can't really see them because they blend with the river bankments.

giza police headquarters
at night

Giza Police HQ
Hahaha. This is the police HQ right at the foot of me building. Well, across the street at the foot of me building. The HQ has pretty lights, that all. It's was during the Eid-ul-Adha, the biggest Eid in Egypt. It's all decorated in pretty lights. Awww.

cairo university
at night