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This page is for me artwork I do either for school, people or for me own amusement. I try.

This Me
oil on canvas

This is Me

This is one of my first piece for the IB art (higher level). It is me. Ok, not a good representation of me. I do not look like that. It's inspired from Van Gogh, my fave artist of all time, beside the fact that he cut off his ear. I'm sure he did for good reasons.

The Dayaks
inks on tissue

The Dayaks

This is done on tissue with inks. The dimensions, well, it's big. Well over a meter in height and width less than a meter. (duh). A little bit from me country. It's the dayaks, one of the many tribes in Sarawak. I'm not from Sarawak. I just like the picture; the way they dress and pose.

Finding Serenity
oil, acrylics on canvas

Finding Serenity

Er, I gave a speech about this piece for the exam. I don't think I can repeat it. Hahaha! I'm not going to repeat it. It's not worth the web space. If you REALLY want to know, contact me. ;)

Caught on face of turmoil
chalk, charcoal, tissue on newspaper on board

Caught in the face of turmoil

This is a very popular piece. I think it's because of the girl, Sharbat Gula, the Afghan Girl. She represents every innocent victim caught in political, religious and/or racial presecutions and turmoils. The newspaper clippings are of course about the war and a bit of SARS. Caught in the Face of Turmoil, clever. A bit of a mouthful, though.

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