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This page is of me Cairo at night pieces. The dimensions are around 114cm x 90cm.They are all paintings of photostaken from my balcony at night. I live on the 21st, actually 27th when taken it not account the offices on the first 6 floors. I have a fascinating view. More photos of that soon!

the river nile's night life
arcylics on canvas

the river nile's night life

Alas, taken from me balcony. Egyptians are noctunal creatures. Life and activity starts late at night when the weather is cooler. During the day they crawl into their air-conditioned rooms and houses and stay there till the night comes.

acrylics, oils on wooden board


Here's a standard sized piece. It's not as big as the previous ones. It's done impasto-style (again, Van Gogh) with oils. It has a great texture, but you can't really see it on the photo. Bad photo. It's the light reflecting on the River Nile at night. See photos in "Cairo At Night" (coming soon). The top bits are the lights (music notes). Hahaha.

cairo at night
acrylics at night

Cairo at night

Sorry for the picture angled oddly. This is the one photo I have of it. This painting is no longer in my possession. It's given as a thank you gift to me art teacher. Aw, I miss me art teacher. He was a lovely lovely man with the dry wit and constant sacarstic remarks.
Painting inspired by Georgia O'Keefe's New york paintings. Me like this piece. Again, from me balcony.

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